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"You can get with this,
Or you can get with that. THE CHOICE IS YOURS"
~Black Sheep

I am who I am. I'm somewhere in my twenties (closer to the 20-10)

I'm shy and outgoing. Loud and quiet. Tall and short. Fat and skinny. I am dark and light. Day and night. Black and White. Smart and Dumb.
I'm a contradiction.

Why define myself for someone?

"I'm a walking talking question mark." (Jamie Lidell - Whats the Use)

And for this I am proud. These are somethings that I enjoy...


Dark Sky Island

The gorgeous Isle of Sark, the smallest self-governing island in Europe, is located in the English channel 130 miles off the southern English coast. In January 2011 it became the world’s first “Dark Sky island” by controlling light pollution. The island’s single electricity source is an oil-fired power station, and there are no cars, streetlights or even paved roads: you can only get around by bike, horse, carriage or tractor-drawn bus. Due to the lack of light pollution, the Milky Way stretches gloriously overhead—from horizon to horizon across the pristine black sky.

(via thingssheloves)

6.8.2012 |